Wednesday, May 21, 2008

How do I love thee? Let me count ...

I have been under the influence of pollen; our area is thick with it and there is no escape.  Every finger is involved somehow in the stitch making process!This means I look like Rudolph the Reindeer, and probably sound like him too.  Regardless, it's been fun having Mr. Dee home this week.

Mr. Dee decided to join me in picking up the kids from school today.  I, naturally, loved it because it gave me an opportunity to work up a few more rows of a "secret" project I'm currently working on (I might reveal it here, but definitely will reveal it at the Conference) anywho, there I was, happily crocheting along when Mr. Dee noticed every one of my fingers had to get "in on the action" ... touching ... petting ... the delicious bamboo yarn ... see how my pinkie and ring finger are gently holding the work in my right hand while the middle finger awaits for the next yarn over/loop hold, and the index finger & thumb hold the hook?  And the left hand, equally involved, with the index finger up, having the middle finger helping to control my tension, all while the middle finger and thumb gently pinch the work ... and what's that peeking through?  The other pinkie!  And yes, the ring finger is getting in some guilty pleasure too -- although hiding from having it's picture taken. lol

You know, when every finger is involved in making stitches, that's one serious yarn addiction going on there, enjoying every yard of yarn created into a series of stitches!  And it's because of the yarn, really.  The more I love it, the more it seems I have all fingers working together!   The yarn I'm working with is super delicious -- more so than ever I imagined it would be back when I was petting it at the LYS!   It's Madil Eden, made in Italy.  And oh so yummy!   But I already said that, huh?  What can I say?  I'm in love with this fiber!  :)

So I'm curious, fellow yarn addicts.  How many fingers of yours do you have "getting in on the action?"  Not sure?  Have someone watch you crochet for a few minutes and count how many of your fingers touch your work as you go along ... you may be pleasantly surprised! 


sandiept said...

Dee, you skipped 6. Don't you like 6? LOL

crochetwithdee said...

Oh, I did, didn't I???


How funny!

OK ... so for those that use six fingers, leave me a comment!  :)

sandiept said...

My daughter said she uses 6 which is why I noticed. She doesn't have an aol account so I am commenting for her. :-)