Sunday, April 1, 2007

What do Potatoes Have to Do With Crochet?

I think my CGOA Chapter's Crochet Display turned out fabulous!  We divided the four shelves to represent 4 different categories:  Modern Twists, Laura & Rose (Ingalls), Irish Crochet (history), and Charity Works. 

We learned from last year's display that our Charity Works draws the most onlookers when its on the bottom shelf: when we use dolls to show off preemie sets, or other items we donate, it draws young children.  This year, for the children a bit older, we added a bowl of potatoes.  Yes, that's right, a bowl of potatoes!

When my husband first saw the pictures of the display, he was a little concerned;  "Won't the potatoes rot?" he asked.  Then a moment later (we all knew this question was coming!) he added, "...and what do potatoes have to do with crochet??"

Ha!  With him asking those two questions I KNEW we did a great job on the display!  If he's asking those questions, so will others.  This means we created a display with curiosity, and with curiosity comes a history lesson!  Mission accomplished!!

While I assured him the potatoes would not rot, and nor would they draw any critters to come munch in the library, our son, Dee Jr., provided him with the history lesson of what potatoes have to do with crochet.  "Dad," he answered, "the people were starving. Their potato crops were rotting so they had to learn how to crochet in order to make lace to sell to the wealthy people; otherwise they starved to death!" 

Ha!  That's my boy!!  He was also proud to tell his Dad that the potatoes were made of panty hose. (Apparently making soft sculptures was big during the 1980s ... if you'd like to give it a try, there's a sewing pattern

If you'd like to check out the display in person, visit the Bethel Library in Connecticut; the display will be up for the entire month of April!

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