Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Earth, Wind & Fire: Baby I like the way you move ....

Earth, Wind & Fire has morphed to being more than a soul/disco/funk group that was formed in the late 1960s -- it's now a crochet movement! ... and where else can you truly see movement than in freeform crochet!?!

So, tonight, I encourage you to go and visit the 2007 International Freeform Fiberarts exhibit to see the wonderful Earth, Wind, Air & Fire works! 

...And while you're there, also check out the Tree of Life/Tree of Peace exhibit.   I'm really looking forward to seeing it in person this summer at the National CGOA Conference!

Many thanks to Myra Wood for spearheading this great exhibit!

And now, a little music ...

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Anonymous said...

Takes me back to high school.
Hugs to you!!