Saturday, April 21, 2007

Guest Blogger: Lori

We crocheters often speak about favorite stitches, hooks and patterns we like, sharing with fellow fiberholics the joy and satisfaction we get from creating artistic and unique projects month after month. The topic we don't usually address is the reason that crochet is part of our everyday thinking, a connection to a craft that becomes part of who we are.

I had an Irish grandmother who crocheted beautiful doilies and lace items with the tiniest of hooks and I remember her creating year after year. 
I looked at the lace and thought "I am not genetically able to do that so I'll go a Hooked: A Crocheter's Stash of Wit and Wisdomsimpler route" when I was a young adult.

What I have realized over the last few years specifically, is that crocheting became an OASIS for me, a place I can create a peaceful space for myself in the tornado of life as it were. Many life events have shaken me but I was able to cope much better because I have the positive of crochet to keep me going. I found a community of women who were unlike others because they shared the same respect and enthusiasm for the craft as I did. I found myself among the smartest, funiest, most caring and supportive people I have ever met...AND THEY LOVE TO CROCHET (what a bonus).  Naturally, I must mention my teacher, Dee, the uber blogger and First Lady of crochet, as being an incredible inspiration (and occasional pain in the behind) in so many ways. Feeling a part of a community that shared your passion and commitment is a priviledge all around for which I am grateful every day.

By the way, my favorite stitch may be the CRAZY STITCH at this point.

(Note From Dee: Lori, I love that you think of me as a source of inspiration and as an occasional pain, lol.  I greatly enjoy our time together too!  Of course you KNOW, even with all this flattery, I'm still going to want to see you model that finished [hint hint] "Doris Chan" piece next week!  {grins})

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Anonymous said...

I want to see the finished Doris Chan too!  I'll show you mine if you show me yours - heehee!  Of course I have to finish mine too!!  I miss you guys!!  And somebody needs to teach me the crazy stitch!!  Love, me