Monday, April 30, 2007

Did Ewe Know: Sheepish Laws & Happenings

Did Ewe Know?

You are allowed to herd 1999 sheep at a
time -- legally -- down Hollywood Boulevard
in California. Add one more sheep to the
flock and you'll break the law! 
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In London, cab drivers (prior to 1976)
were required to carry a bale of hay to
feed horses, but sheep are given the Royal
-- they're allowed to cross the
London Bridge without paying the toll.
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In Japan, if you followed the flock in purchasing an inexpensive imported British or Australian Poodle, and it refuses to bark, won't fetch, and doesn't care for dog food, then there's a good chance you've had the wool pulled over your eyes -- you purchased a sheep! 
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And here in Connecticut, a local zoo was fleeced when a patron got in without paying admission; they're considering letting her off the hook by mowing the zoo's lawns.  The patron is a bandana wearing sheep found at the front gate.  The Beardsley Zoo is hoping Little Bo Peep will show up with an explaination.
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