Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Excited to go "MAD"

Who knew that spending six hours in Maire Treanor's "Irish Clones Lace" classes, what, nearly six years ago?, would lead to excitement about going "MAD"?

I'm talking about my doily pictured here on the right.  After attending Maire's classes I spent the next two weeks, a total of 75 hours, completing this piece.  I then rushed up to West Springfield, MA, and submitted it as my first piece in their judging competition.  It won a Red Ribbon.  I was thrilled.

Then, awhile later, I was asked to submit it to the Lacis Museum in California for an exhibit they were doing.  I was again thrilled.

Today, I shipped it off NYC ... to MAD to be exact.  MAD is short for the "
Museum of Arts & Design."  My work will be part of a demonstration being offered by Barbara Hillery Van Elsen, Fiber Artist & Founder of the NYC Crochet Guild, on Thursday, April 12th.  The demonstration is entitled, "Non-Conformist Crochet" and promises to be an exciting evening as she "... demonstrate[s] and examine[s] the origins and techniques of freeform and freeform lace, and compare[s] examples of pieces done by a variety of freeform artists." 

I am planning on attending in person, and I'm also looking forward to seeing the "Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting" exhibit while I'm there -- everyone has been raving about it, and what I've seen in the MAD catalog, it's well worth checking out!  So a week from tomorrow I'll be going MAD -- and enjoying every minute of it!  I can hardly contain my excitement!!  :D

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