Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Question From Reader: Locker Crochet Hooks

Hi Dee,
You mentioned a locker hook in one of your blog entries. Can you tell me what that is? I am a new crocheter and have started collecting hooks.
Thanks, Mary

Hi Mary,
What a great question! As you know from reading my blog, I have been hooked (pardon the pun) on the Amazing Needle for the past couple of weeks, and this has lead me to the discovery of the locker hook which can be used for the Amazing Needle technique.

I think of Locker Crochet as a hybrid technique because it borrows characteristics from crochet, latch hooking, needlepoint and rug punch to create durable items like rugs, hotpads and purses. In America, the technique is best known as "anchored loop" whereas in Australia it's known as "Locker Hooking." The technique involves interlocking loops with the specialty crochet hook that has a large needle eye on the other end. The hook grabs the material through a canvas and is then slid off the back end onto yarn or thread that is used to lock the stitches in place.

TheYouTube video below is a great introduction to the technique. Of course I'm already thinking that the canvas could be replaced with one that was entirely crocheted ...

For finding Locker Hooks to add to your collection, I purchased one made of bone from There is not much listed on ebay yet, but I did find a couple available on Amazon. A search on the Internet may net you more results.
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Anonymous said...


I'm a little afraid!

Today... I, too, posted about a hook I found at Lacis. The lovely curved abalone one! I'm in love!

And just when I thought that I was happy learning broomstick, and was contemplating exploring hairpin lace... now I see this video and I'm intrigued!! I have to save something for next year's crochet resolutions (what new to learn).  I need to pace myself. I have too many WIPs (or is it WsIp?)