Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Guest Blogger: Laura

I had recently moved and found I had time on my hands. One day when I was exploring my new town I went to a used book store and found an old crochet book. It was something like fifty-cents so I bought it.
Learn to Bead Crochet by Nancy Nehring
When I got home I found a box I had packed of my grandmother's belongings. She used to make beautiful doilys. I found one of her hooks and some old string and set to teaching myself how to crochet. At first my stitches looked nothing like hers, but I kept at it.

Two years ago, with my tax refund check, I splurged by buying myself a laptop. Once I connected to the Internet I was amazed with how much information I could find about crochet! One day I stumbled upon Dee's website, which back then had something like 80 types of crochet listed, and decided I wanted to learn them all! I don't know if Dee remembers me, or all the questions I asked her about bead crochet, but I was delighted she took the time to answer.

Today, I'm totally hooked on crocheting, especially with beads.  Some day I hope to pass on my love for it to others.  Perhaps Dee is right, writing about it might inspire someone else to try it.  I hope so!  Laura of UT

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