Sunday, April 15, 2007

Blog for Dee!

It's vacation time for my children, so I too, have decided to join them in some major goofing off. This does not mean there will be no new entries here at CrochetingWithDee -- nope! Not in the least bit!  I am asking YOU to blog for me! 

This week, I'm asking you to write an entry about your most favorite crochet stitch!  For ideas in your writing, consider answering the following questions:

  • Did you figure the stitch out on your own, learn it from a pattern, or was it taught to you by someone you think fondly of?
  • Was it easy to learn, or difficult?
  • If it was difficult, how did you feel about it once you mastered it?
  • How have you used that stitch since first learning it?
  • And have you passed on your fondness for it to others?

  • Write your entry of at least 250 words (it can be longer), positive in theme, and email it to me midnight (eastern time) by Saturday, April 21st, 2007.  If you have links to projects that feature that stitch, send me those too and I'll include them when I post your entry here.  If you have a blog, or website, include those links too.  If you don't have a blog or website, then think of this an an opportunity to try blogging out!  You never know, your entry may inspire someone to try YOUR favorite crochet stitch!

    In return for blogging for me this week, your name will be placed into a crocheted bowl where a random winner will be drawn.  Want to know what you're blogging for?  A chance to win the very hat I designed & crocheted for the "Fruit Fantasy Hat" that appears in the "Big Hook Crochet" book!

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    klholland59 said...

    First of all I surely hope that I'm doing this right! I've never blogged! So if it's wrong, I'm so sorry! My favorite stitch is simple, but I really like it - it's the shell stitch. I learned it from a pattern, I mostly have taught myself to crochet (perhaps this is why I'm not so good at some things!), so I think that this was the first stitch that I learned except for sc and dc and chain of course! My grandmother tried to teach me to crochet when I was small, she made doilies using thread. I just couldn't get the hang of thread (and still can't), but when I tried yarn, I found I could do it and LOVED to crochet. I really just like the way that the shell stitch looks, it's really pretty simple, but can look elegant. I also like crocheting when I don't have to do alot of counting, etc. And the shell I can just do and not have to think too much about! I love using it in baby afghans, they are quick and easy, and every time I find out someone is pregnant I usually start up a shell stitch baby afghan for them. As for how I've shared this stitch, I'm sad to say that I haven't shared it with anyone - not to teach them. So, today my daughter and I are going to sit down and I'm going to teach it to her. She can chain and sc and dc and now it's time for her to learn a new one! So I'm glad that I saw this blog, it's going to give my daughter a new stitch. Gee, thanks for the chance to run my mouth a little bit, this was really fun! Thanks, Karen

    robinandersen9 said...

    My favorite crochet stitch is the single crochet. It wasn't the first one I was taught. My older sister taught me how to chain and make a double crochet before I ever made a single crochet. I figured out the single crochet with a lot of practice and one of those ancient "How to" books from Coats and Clarks. The single crochet stitch doesn't get that much attention. Generally the "fancier stitches" (shells, bobbles) are made from double crochet.  I will agree with anyone if they say double crochet (or half double or treble) works up quicker and is very nice. All those stitches are great in their particular place  and I do use those stitches frequently. but I like to create toys. That's why the single crochet stitch works so well for me.

    My current interest is amigurumi patterns. Amigurumi is a Japanese crochet style. My sons, who took Japanese, say it very roughly translates in to "cute cute". I have to take their word for it. But I love the slightly oversize heads and the bright colors of these patterns. There are several websites for the patterns in English (, and they have excellent patterns. You can also purchase pattern bookis in Japanese on Ebay. They do have clear diagrams that illustrate the pattern. You don't have to be able to read Japanese to create the pattern if you can follow the diagrams provided.

    My current toy interest has culminated in making 2 bees from a Roxycraft pattern. I didn't make them traditional bee colors and I also change the way the wings were attached. I think Roxycraft's is cuter, but I like mine just fine. I gave them to my two greatnephews (my neice's sons) for Easter and they loved them.  I have enclosed my blog address so you can get a look at these bees  for yourself.


    Robin Andersen