Saturday, September 30, 2006

Romanian Inspiration

It took two entire days (mostly because of the required hand sewing -- which is not one of my strong points), but it's done.  And besides it being one of my favorite pieces I've designed  thus far, it's also a crochet work my sweet hubby declared as one of my "Signature Pieces." Isn't he the best-est?  Because it's primarily black in color, photographing it will be a bit tricky.  I'll post a picture once I can get a really good image of it. 

In the meantime, perhaps as a reward for finishing the project??, my postal carrier dropped off my latest amazon order.  I admit it. There was no holding me back -- I ripped into that box faster than he could speed away from my mailbox! (Perhaps he's seen one too many fiber obsessed folks rip into packages before and wanted to get some safety distance?? ha ha ha)  In my hands was the book I've been awaiting for -- The book on Romanian Point Lace!

I skipped my way back into the house and eagerly began flipping through the pages.  Would the book hold all the information I've been awaiting for since 2002 when a woman emailed me about the technique?  All I could do at that time was order a back issue of PieceWork magazine that had a brief article & how to ... just enough information, really, to get me interested in finding out more about this parti
cularly beautiful crochet technique.

So through the years I'd periodically comb the Internet on the hunt for more information. Here's a few of the better links I've found:

  1. description & slide show
  2. you can order kits here (note: I have NOT done business w/them yet so I cannot attest to their business practices)

  3. you can order kits (note: I have NOT done business w/them and cannot attest to their business practices)

I have practiced the cording technique that is a major component of the Romanian Point lace a bit, such as with this simple bookmark, but I haven't gotten around to making actual motifs. 

Flipping through my new book, page after page, I can envision many future projects.  I do believe this book will be a most welcomed family member in my private crochet book library!

Maybe the "Signature Piece" I thought I had finished earlier today isn't done after all.  Maybe it needs a tiny Romanian Point Lace focal point.  I'm going to have to give that some further thought.  But first, I'm going to put a pot of coffee on, sit back, and enjoy reading this wonderful new book.  :)

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