Monday, September 18, 2006

Details from the NYC "Knit Out & Crochet Too!" Event

I don't do mornings well, but yesterday, with the help of my most wonderful husband, I was awake before the first rays of sunshine hit our side of the world.  It wasn't long until the excitement (or was that the mega dose of caffeine from my coffee?) was running through my blood veins; I was awake!  I was ready for the trek to New York City for the largest FREE fiber event of this nature -- the Knit Out and Crochet Too! event!!

We piled into two mini-vans and within 90 minutes -- and hours before the start of the event, we had arrived!  We were instantly a "sight to see" as it's not common to see a dozen women walking together with very purple T-shirts and yarn in hand!  Upon walking into Union Square park we began the setting up:  unfolding chairs, table cloths on the tables, laying out the crochet pieces for display, and so on.  It was a lot of work.  But by 10:30 we were ready! 


A few of us dashed into the local Barnes & Nobel and picked up a few goodies.  I got two:  "new ideas for today's crochet" by Jean Leinhauser & Rita Weiss, and "Hooked: a Crocheter's Stash of Wit and Wisdom" -- a book filled with insight on the pleasures of crochet by many well known people in the fiber industry.  Within moments of returning from the book store Grace spotted a woman wearing beautiful Irish crochet -- it turned out to be Rita Weiss! 

Around 11:00 the crowds started to gather ... visiting each booth for handouts of patterns, crochet hooks, and previews of the latest books, magazines & fibers that will be coming out on the market.  Over at the Interweave booth (was it?  I really had a hard time determining) there was a huge line ... about an hour wait is my estimate for folks to get a pair of free knitting needles.  Not me!  I spent the first part of the day helping out in the Kids Craft area, gently baking in the sunshine.  We didn't seem to mind; the kids were busy having fun creating some cool tassel & pom pom pencil toppers.

I also got to meet many people who knew me from my blog or from online groups -- like Malca and Vivian from Crochet Partners.  Several stopped me to let me know that my blog here has inspired them to continue on learning new things about crochet -- I loved hearing that!  I also got to see Rose and Liz from the Stamford store where I teach -- and two of my students were there too!  Lori (who was a volunteer this year) and Shelley!  It was great seeing everyone!!  :)

Charity work was a big focal point this year!  The Save the Children foundation was collecting preemie caps of which the New York City Crochet Guild had pledged to deliver 1000.  That didn't happen; they did it twice instead!  It seems word got out and well, they rocked by presenting over 2200!!

Warm Up America! was there as well.  Long tables were set up and it was packed all day long with crocheters and knitters coming together to assemble squares into warm blankets that will go to a charity in need.  I totally missed the scarf contest, but did turn my scarf in at the end of the day.  It was chinchilla worked up in Tunisian!  ... mmmm, talk about soft!  I'm sure who ever receives it through the Orphan foundation will appreciate it.

Guido from a few weeks back; the one that has "yarn issues"?  (I'll findthe entry & plug it in here later)  He came all the way from Boston to attend!!  He was creating a future podcast of the event!  Once he has it ready, I'll post a link to him so everyone can have a listen to what this event is all about!  I extended an invitation to teach him how to crochet the next time he's in our area ... to help him "release his inner crocheter" ... listen, if I can pick up the knitting needles from time to time, it's only right!  I'll touch on this subject more in another entry later on.

Getting back to the KOC2 ... the time went fast!  Before I knew it it was time for me to do my crochet demonstration on Crocheted Flowers.  I do want to thank Lion Brand for providing all the patterns!  I think those that attended my demonstration walked away with many new ways to look at crocheted flowers -- hopefully some will contact me in the future and tell me how they used their beautiful creations! 

I'm sure I'm leaving out some details.  Well, actually I know I am ... this is why I want you to go visit the following blogs: 

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Anonymous said...

Dee, Im so happy I found your blog because I can live through you. I just love reading about all your adventures. Someday Ill be back to learn more about crochet with you. Im looking forward to it! Thanks for sharing about your day!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee,

Great entry, great photos.  I could not get into your site yesterday, but worked like a charm today.  Gentle reminder, please send me a few of the pictures with me in them.  Thanks  Margaret