Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Eighth Wonder of the World

It's a very busy time for me in both crocheting up projects and in preparing for crochet events, so one can imagine that my crochet hook hardly has a moment of rest.

Today was no different.  With an upcoming fund raising auction to benefit my children's school, I decided to bring my project with me when I did lunch duty for the third grade.  You know, to create a "pre-buzz" to help bring in higher bids.  This project is a child's hat & scarf set for a girl ranging in 8 to 11 years old.  And purple, the preferred color for most girls of this age bracket. 

My son was delighted to see me.  "Did you bring your crochet with you today, Mamma?" he asked. 

I smiled.  "Why yes I did!" I answered.

He turned to some of his classmates and started telling them about all the little preemie hats I've been working on for the "Caps to the Capital" campaign.  He asked me to show some to his classmates.

"Oh, I didn't bring that project with me today," I replied.  "I decided to start the hat and scarf set that will be auctioned off for the school in a few weeks."  I picked up the purple colored skein of yarn, made a slip knot and set to work starting the hat.  Many of the children approached me and started asking many, many questions.  I took care to ensure I answered each child's question with a lot of enthusiasm and even asked if they'd like to learn how to crochet come winter when the weather is too cold for them to spend recess outside.

"Oh yes, Mrs. Stanziano!" was the reply in unison as they watched my hook magically create stitch after stitch.  "Oh, you're good, Mrs. Stanziano," said one child as her eyes carefully watched the movements of the hook, the wrappings of the yarn, the formation of the stitches.

"Oh, this is nothing," replied my son.  "You should see her do it with her eyes closed!  Close your eyes Mamma and show them!"  How could I refuse?  I closed my eyes and let the stitches form one by one.

A soft "Wow" was spoken by many of the children watching me crochet in darkness, creating stitches entirely by feel.  I recall Lily Chin saying once that she's a "trained seal" performing her many crochet "tricks" to help promote crochet.  Well, I don't know about being a "trained seal" but I did, at that moment, feel like the Eighth Wonder of the World.  My son flashed one of his beaming smiles my way; he was proud of me for amazing his classmates with nothing more than a piece of string and a hook.

I know Fall is barely a week and a half away, but I'm really looking forward to Winter now!  :)

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wipforever said...

I just wonder how many of those children went home and said they were looking forward to winter too!  I can hear them now....."And Mom!!!!  She was doing it with her eyes closed!!!!"

Gotta love kids!  

Love and hugs,