Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Spinning Off Valuable Lessons

 I think, especially during the first few weeks of school, that parents should get part of the student's grade. After all it's the parent that runs around town getting all the school supplies, school clothes, and then once school starts -- filling out all the paperwork, covering the school books, working on the fund raisers and so on. Are you with me on this thus far?
pattern can be found in the Spring 2006 issue
There I was last week, all proud of myself, thinking I'm going to earn an "A" for all the things I've done to help my children ease back into a new school year. Ah, I was all smiles, ready to sit back and watch my children tackle new subjects. That is until my daughter came home and asked, "Mom, I have a homework assignment. I need to bring in magazine pictures of landscapes. Can I look through your magazine collection?" I, wanting to be a helpful parent, said, "Sure Honey, help yourself."

I think I just heard some horrified gasps from some of my readers! Yes, exactly! What
was I thinking? Egads! I gave her cart blanc to all of my magazines without giving thought as to what magazines she'd look at first! 

Fortunately she did not instantly go running for the scissors to start cutting as all the magazines she selected were my "Spin Off" magazines.  She was way more thoughtful -- she made a pile and asked me to leaf through them before she started chopping them up.  Thankfully someone was thinking here!  As I leafed through the old issues I found many articles I had earmarked as "interested in reading" and "crochet patterns to try," such as the yarn holder I crocheted up shortly after revisiting the pattern.

I broke the news to her that the "Spin Off" magazines were off limits, but she could have all my House & Gardens.  Boy, did I learn a valuable lesson!  :)

For those interested in Spin Off magazine, it's a magazine published by the same folks who create the "Interweave Crochet" magazine we love so much.  I enjoy the Spin Off magazine because it offers insight to why things are -- although I have not begun to spin my own fibers yet, the magazine has taught me some valuable lessons.  (More if I get to finish reading all those articles I earmarked!)  I've learned about "S" and "Z" twists, fiber content, dyeing with food coloring, and more!  If you get a chance, check the magazine out.  And if there are holes in it, good chance some child with scissors got to it -- busy cutting out the beautiful landscape pictures for school projects.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that daughter of yours is truly a gem!  But we know how it is - even if there was one in the "do not cut" pile, you probably would have come up with some way of keeping the pattern (i.e., scan, photocopy, transcribe, check to see if it is available on the magazine's website, etc.) while still allowing her to have her landscape.  Why?  Because we love them.  Simple as that.

That really was very thoughtful of your daughter to go through everything first.  Is she always this organized?  If so, kudos to you and your husband for teaching that to her.  Simply being organized will take her far!

Love and hugs,