Thursday, September 14, 2006

From Across the Pond

Check out what's going on in France & England! The first video below has been circulating the International Freeform group ... it's sung in French and is about taking on someone else's pain. I don't speak/read French, but in watching the video I think it's easy to imagine it being about where fiber addiction starts ... with the yarn!  Please note there are some "skin" images but nothing too revealing. The music is quite catchy!

And from England is the "Crochet Club of London" ... watch it to find out what makes Teresa Eaton so remarkable, as well as the rest of the crochet club!



Anonymous said...

3 years of French in school and I still didn't understand a word being sung!  You're right though, VERY catchy tune!  Wouldn't mind downloading that one if I knew what it was!

One thing I found interesting about the London video was that everyone spoke perfect American English.  No British accents!  Did you notice?

I'm getting pretty good though - I noticed a "Trail of Tears" afghan toward the end of the second video.  Chalk one up for the novice!  LOL!  I still wish we had a group here locally that met every so often just for crochet n' chat.  

Hugs and love,

PS  I think you have  YouTube addiction!

Anonymous said...

This is a crochet club in London, Ontario Canada.  (Hence, Canadian English). :)