Friday, September 22, 2006

In The News -- with children?

Yesterday I mentioned that a HHCC member, Ruth, gave me a little news article she cut out of our local newspaper, the News Times.  I'm glad she did because it cleared up the mystery of why people who know who I am were coming up to me and saying they saw me featured in it.

Featured?  Boy, was I confused!  I'd inquire as to when they saw me and the comments would be "oh, it was in last week's paper.  No, wait. Maybe it was this week's.  I don't remember, but I do remember seeing your picture."  Hmmm.  I know my daughter and I were featured in another paper -- and in fact I shared the little blurb here in my blog.  But what is this about me being in this other newspaper? 

When I inquired as to the theme of the article I was advised it had something to do with crocheting with children.  Crocheting with children? The last time I was shown in the local paper crocheting with children was five years ago.  Would the paper rerun an old story? I was very confused as the details were sketchy.  So when I asked Ruth if she had seen the article in question she said, "Yes, Dee, I did and I saved it too!"  I inquired if she'd let me see it sometime and she replied with a smile, "... even better Dee, you can have it!"  Oh Ruth you're a sweetheart!!

Here it is (click onto it to enlarge):
Teaching crochet at the Save the Children headquarters in Westport, CT

Now I understood! The picture was taken at the Caps to the Capital event  that was held at the Save the Children foundation on September 6th! They sent the news release to our local paper and they ran the story! Ah, mystery solved! {{grins}}  If you're interested, there's a follow-up story featured in the Westport News paper ... click here to read it.

So, while I'm on the subject of Caps to the Capital, I want to note a few things:
1.   If you visit their website you can see they're working on making the interactive map. The map will show how many people sent in caps by each state. Here's a shortcut link to the map ...
check it out (thus far no figures are available for viewing).

2. If you're interested in seeing if there is a Caps to the Capital EVENT near you,
then visit here.  You can also get information on past Events too -- and in fact they have a great shot of Elayne teaching children to crochet caps for the babies that was taken on September 6th.  Do check it out!  :)

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Anonymous said...

So, does this make you famous or notorious?  LOL!  Sorry, I couldn't resist!

Congratulations on your photo and your work with this organization. :)

Love and hugs,