Sunday, October 1, 2006

3rd Annual "60 Scarves in 60 Days" Challenge

I am pleased to announce it's time for the

Third Annual 60 Scarves in 60 Days Challenge!

Participating? Save this image to your PC and display it on your website or blog!I know we are all knee deep in crocheting gifts for our friends and family for the holidays, as well as creating Caps for the Capital Campaign, chemo hats and more -- me too!  So it makes it that much more important this year to ask for your help in reaching the goal of 60 scarves in 60 days to donate to charity this year.

Anyone can participate -- any skill level -- any fiber art (crochet, knit, weaving) -- and it's all to help people in need in your own community! 

Here's how to participate:  Create a scarf for charity and then let me know about it by sending me an email or leaving a comment here so we can include it in the official count.   You do not need to send me anything -- you can donate it to your own local charity, or send it to an organization like the Orphan foundation.  We'll see if we can get 60 created for charity by the end of November.  Last year we were able to donate 66 scarves!! 

To help in promoting this challenge consider saving the Challenge button above onto your PC and then displaying it on your website or blog!  Be sure to link to this blog entry so others can learn about what is involved to participate.  The more people we can get involved in the challenge, the better chance we have of meeting this goal -- and even beating last year's numbers!  
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Please keep in mind that if you wish to participate that a scarf for this drive does not need to be fancy in stitching or fiber content.  It's is a perfect project to practice your stitches on regardless of your skill level! 

Besides doing something good for your community, and your country, (and perhaps using up some of that accumulating stash?) it will make you feel good inside.  Scarves are like hugs; you don't realize the true warmth they wield until you give one away! And if you don't know how to crochet or knit, then what better reason is there to learn?!?  We have until November 30th, so that's plenty of time if we combine our efforts. :)

                                      Care to join me? :)


Anonymous said...

I'm awfully tempted!  Will get back to you on this.

In the about some approximate lengths and widths for the scarves?  A child's will be shorter and narrower than an adult's.  Since I don't have children, it's hard for me to measure.  Not to mention, kids grow so a scarf for a 5 year old will be smaller than one for a 10 year old.  Please forgive me for being a pain in the hiney.  I honestly don't mean to make this more complicated than it seems.  I just want to make sure that what I make can definitely be used by someone.

Sure would love to use up some of my stash and that pattern I used to make my scarf last year sure was quick and easy!

Thanks a million Dee!  62 people benefitted from your efforts last year.  Hopefully, we can double that this year.

Has anyone told you today about what a caring person you are?


Anonymous said...

I'm taking the challenge!  I haven't decided on a goal yet because I tend to get side tracked.  But my first scarf is completed it's two different shades of green and a very simple pattern.  Scarf number two is halfway done it's brown and tan using the same pattern as before.  I'm just using two strands of Red Heart Super Saver yarn and double crocheting with a size "K" hook, I don't have to concentrate a lot so it's really relaxing.  The first scarf is 7" wide by 72" long.  The second scarf will be the same size.
Have a beautiful day,