Friday, September 29, 2006

Clue-less in Connecticut

Hello, Dee?  I need a clue about your current contest ...I've been busy chatting on the telephone -- it seems folks are calling -- wanting clues -- as to where my voice is on Guido's podcast. Oh, you people are bad! LOL

Look, I'm not going to give any hints -- at least not without a good bribe incentive like several skeins of sinfully soft yarn!

Oh, but wait!  I don't think that kind of bribe will work at the moment -- I just placed a huge order with Herrshners (complete with free shipping)I guess it will have to be pattern books.  Hmmmm, no, that won't work either.  I've got orders coming in from AnniesAttic and Amazon.  We'll have to make the incentive crochet hooks.  Yeah, nice hand-turned crochet hooks.  Mmmmm....that might do the trick!  Of course a crocheter can never have enough beads and buttons ... LOL

All kidding aside, I'm keeping the contest fair.   No clues will be given; not even if someone already has guessed correctly or not.  And please note that I'm also keeping the prize under wraps -- you'll just have to wait until the contest is over to learn all the juicy details!  :)

So, while everyone is waiting, t
here is another contest you may be interested in participating in.  It's featured on Caron's "My Stitching Story" blog.  They want to hear about your favorite crochet or knit story.  When you send it in your story will be entered into a drawing for  your choice of 6 skeins of any current Caron yarn.  They select a winner about twice a month ... so go ahead andsend in your favorite crochet stories!  I'm looking forward to reading them!

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