Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Did Dee Say she was having Another Contest??

Yesterday I mentioned the podcast by the "Purlman" himself, Guido, who went around interviewing people at the recent Knit Out & Crochet Too event that was held in New York City.

Although my interview didn't make it in the podcast, my voice can be heard in one segment! 
So here's the contest:
1.  Visit Guido and listen to his podcast from the NYC KOC2 event.
2.  Then drop me an email or a comment here on my blog quoting what I can be heard saying.
3.  The first person to do so will win a mystery prize!  [the winning entry will be judged upon accuracy and the timestamp their comment/email is received.  In the event there is a tie, we'll do the ol' quarter toss to determine the winner.]
4.  Contest Ends on 9/30/06 midnight, eastern time.
5.  Prize may not be substituted for cash. 
6.  Contest is not open to those featured on the Podcast.

For a hint of what my voice sounds like, check out this blog entry from two years ago ... when Hurrican Ivan stopped in for a visit: http://journals.aol.com/crochetwithdee/CrochetWithDee/entries/2004/09/18/audio-entry/1012


crochetr said...

Dee, I cant quite tell if thats you asking if he should try Lily Chins new yarn or if it was you chatting about being on a yarn diet. Sorry:) But I love the whole podcast. I felt like I was right there with you all. Sherri

crochetwithdee said...

Hi Sherri,
I'm glad you liked the podcast ... I can't give any clues but do urge you to send in a direct quote of what you think you heard me saying ...

crochetr said...

Ok Ill go with my first try The quote was "You should try her yarn". Ok there you are:) Have a great day! Sherri

indiancrochet said...

"You should try new yarns!" is what you told Guido.

altobarb said...

Hi, Dee!  You said "You should try her yarns."