Saturday, September 23, 2006

Wiggles & Giggles Down Memory Lane

Fall Sale!My husband and I have been working on some tax stuff.  When teaching and designing crochet is more than your hobby -- where you actually earn a little income from it, it's a necessity to keep track of your purchases.  So there he was.  Hubby deep in thought, looking at all my receipts and questioning "Do you recall what this was for?"  For me, it was like taking a pleasure trip down memory lane. "Yes, dear, I do. It was a bead expo and I picked up some beautiful beads to use on a demo piece for a crochet class I taught."

"What about this one?" I'd look at the receipt and smile. "Ah, this was an excursion to find just the right fiber for a pattern that will be published at the end of this year."  

If he had further questions about my purchase, where I purchased various items -- say like at a fiber event like a Sheep & Wool festival, all I had to do was pull it up here in my blog.  "See," I'd say, "it's right here.  I went to Stitches East and purchased those mammoth sized crochet hooks while I was there."  After awhile of doing this he replied, "Where would you be without your blog?"  Lost  was my first thought!  It really does chronicle all my crochet experiences: from attending events, special items I've purchased, patterns I've tried, and you --my readers!  Your questions, your comments, your daily visits.  Yes, I do believe I'd feel very lost without it.

During a break from my reminiscing I went over to the AnniesAttic website.  Did I tell you they're having a sale ... another big one?  They are!  I loaded up my cart with many goodies (some of which I pictured in today's entry), printed out the receipt, giggled, and handed it to him.  "These are all reference books on various crochet techniques," I said.  He smiled.  "Besides getting them all on sale," I continued,
"I learned there's a new crochet technique I need to add to my collection on my website: Wiggly Crochet.  That will make it number 106."

Who ever said paperwork was dull never shopped for crochet!  LOL

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Anonymous said...

 Is that your darling daughter wearing her communion shawl in the Chain Link in the Crochet! magazine that arrived this month? If it is she sure is beautiful!