Thursday, June 30, 2005

It's all in the bag...

In just a short three and a half hours and the FREE Drawing will be closed.  There are many, many entries and I think that's just wonderful.  I'll be spending a good portion of tomorrow writing everyone's name on slips of paper and placing them in a bag.  (Yes, of course a crocheted bag!!  Is there any other kind??  LOL)  Then I'll have my children each pick one name.  Of these two names I will then have my children each pick a number from 0-10 ... who ever picks the number closest will have the winning person's name in their hand.  The other name will be the "runner up" ... you know, in case I can't get ahold of the winner.  (I just want to make this as fair as I possibly can!) 

REMINDER:  Any entries received after midnight (EASTERN time) tonight are void.  So enter NOW! 

                Good Luck Everyone!!!   J

What's fresh off my hook is the most delicious bag I've yet to design -- my hubby, my bosses, my students and my friends are all saying this.   I haven't taken a picture of it yet; just looking for the right props I guess.  I designed it for teaching in my classes but those that have seen this bag are insisting I sell the pattern.  They want me to bypass publishers and publish it myself!  So this means, of course that I have more homework to do.

I was over there at my CafePress store thinking maybe I should use their book option to create a book on all the bags I've already designed, and possibly include this new one I'm referencing.  I'm currious if there is a desire for such a book.  I would possibly include patterns for these items: 

The question I really need to ponder is how should I provide the written patterns themselves.  Should I write them in traditional publication style or in an easier format for beginner crocheters to try it?  I'll have to give this more thought.  While I do, I'd be interested in hearing how you'd like the crochet patterns you use to be written.  You can share your thoughts here, or in your own journal/blog (just be sure to give me a link to visit).

OK, I'm off to crochet yet another and test my pattern ...


Anonymous said...

Anticipation for the drawing :)
There is an open air market we sometimes frequent here in Savannah and there is a lady who does a lot of business selling purses. Hers are made out of fabric but I'm sure that the crochet kind would do really well too especially in a book. Good luck!


Anonymous said...

Ohhh... I love some of those. You should definitely publish (and sell!) some patterns. As for how a pattern is written. Well, I can read them either way, but I think writing it for beginners would give you the widest audience. A more experienced crocheter can still use the instructions, and it would be nice to have more 'newbie' patterns I can reccommend!