Thursday, June 2, 2005

Question from Reader: Picture Now?

Dear Dee,
How about a picture of Miss Pickles and her brother sitting on the couch? I'd love to see how she came out! Denise

Wow Denise! You're quick! I just posted this update on finishing the second Comfort Bear, Miss Cana Pickles, and already you're all wanting to see how she came out!  I'm impressed and honored!

Well, ordinarily I'd comply with taking a picture and showing everyone but Miss Pickles says she's "...not proper sitting here naked." Remember, she's a little bear! (hahaha -- I'm playing on words here!)

I do promise to share a picture of her, and of them together, just as soon as she's "proper."  Thanks for emailing me!  :)

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Anonymous said...

And as I wrote the last comment, your alert came through!  GMTA!  Sheila