Thursday, June 16, 2005

... Dyeing ...

11:00 AM:  Placed rich chunky skein of "Spree" cotton yarn (that was turned into "hank" form) into bowl of hot water for soaking.

11:15 AM:  Reread instructions for microwave dyeing option.  Tossing around ideas of color scheme.  Took picture of cotton while it is bathing (it didn't seem to mind).

11:30 AM:  Took out five large coffee cups and dumped KoolAid mixture in.  Opted to use the following flavors, er, colors: Cherry, Lemonade, Orange, Watermellon Cherry, and Grape.  Mixed in water and vinegar per dyeing instructions.  Mental note: house now smells like a candy store and wonder how to explain this when it's time for the kids to come home from school.  Another Mental note: need to pick up some turkey basters (it's like a needle-less syringe) to make process easier for kids to select/add colors. 

11:45 AM:  Oh, well come on!  I'm still typing this in ... lemme go play and I'll come update this entry with more a bit later.  ((grins))

12:05 PM:  Enjoyed the squeezing excess water out process ... the yarn even feels yummy wet (not at all like cold spaghetti!).  Underestimated what "long piece of plastic wrap" meant.  Threw out first plastic wrap and got myself a really long piece this time!

12:35 PM:  Scratching idea for turkey basters ... paint brushes are the way to go!!  What fun!!  Yarn now in microwave ...

12:40 PM:  Yarn is "resting;" I intend to nuke it again to ensure the dye mixture takes.  In the meantime I want to note that Cherry was a strong color performer, while Lemonade was the weakest.  I'm not quite sure if Grape will come out purple, blue or both.  I can't wait to find out!

12:45 PM:  Checked on resting yarn; see "colorless" fluid in pyrex.  Nuking one last time.  Caution:  Yeow-za!  HOT!!!

12:55 PM:  Removed yarn from plastic wrap without managing to burn myself!  Was quite pleased with color "richness."  Rinsed/washed yarn in dishwashing detergent as recommended (Palmolive's Spring Sensations ... "Fresh Green Apple;") and watched rich colored yarn fade ... fade ... fade.  (Added more vinegar to final rinse.)  Started feeling a little sad that the colors are not as "rich" as when they came out of the plastic.

1:00 PM:  Finished rinsing detergent out of yarn; hung it on a tree branch outside to dry.  Decided "rich" colors of yarn not really needed:  the Grape is more like a soft pink, the Cherry and the Watermellon Cherry muted beautifully with the Orange.  Lemonade still not a strong performer, but that's OK ... I like the end results.  It's a bunch of muted colors that just scream "summer!"

1:05 PM:  Eagerly awaiting for yarn to dry so I can work it up into a class sample.  Took picture.  Busying turning on other PC to upload pictures ... Man! Does my house smell yummy!!!  LOL

1:30 PM: Now, wasn't that fun??!!  :D

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I wonder why yours came out so light compared to Karmah's?  Will you be comparing it to dyeing w/o the microwave?  Sheila