Friday, June 3, 2005

Three Choices and a Lasso?

I am not a sewer. I don't profess to be one, and I doubt I'll ever play one on TV.   I am having the most difficult time getting the tulle stuff to behave! 

My goal is to have the tulle "stuffed" with roses.  I've seen it done; it's very pretty.  But like I said, the tulle is being a royal pain.  Every time I get it the way I want it and bring it close to the sewing machine it gets all wiggly & slippery and no amount of straight pins will hold it in place long enough for me to sew a straight line.  The image here is about as close of a true picture of me going after that pesky tulle.  (Arg!!)   LOL

Finally, I got my crooked line sewn, and then gathered the tulle.  It's starting to look semi-normal, like what a ballerina might  wear.  I finish pinning in place the pretty beaded trim that I'd like around the waist and of course no one warned  me that beads and sewing machines are allergic  to each other.  Oh no!  No!  No!  I had to figure out on my own that this simply won't work!  My sewing machine is practically unplugging itself and is ready to walk away from the project!  Imagine!!  (Uhgh!)

I'm left with three choices:
1.  Pick another trim without beads
2. Sew it on by hand
3. Go out drinkin' and call it a day.

Since I'm not much of a drinker, that option is out.  I could pick another trim, but this one is soooo pretty!  Darn!  It looks like I'll be sewing the trim on by hand -- so this means it will take Miss Cana Pickles a bit longer until she's properly dressed.

Sorry gang!

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Anonymous said...

I was going to say, "Go for Option 3" until I read your last paragraph.  LOL!  After some bad news last night, I was hoping for a drinking buddy (even in a virtual sense - I don't drink).

And what do you mean by, "Sorry, folks"?  You KNOW you're enjoying teasing us like this!!!!

PS - Still love ya!