Thursday, June 2, 2005

...towel & shower cap?

Dear Dee,
Take a hand towel and wrap it around her as though she just came from a shower. :o) Too bad you don't have one of those Glad covers with the elastic in could put it on her like a shower cap.

Oh, you guys are cracking me up today! LOL

I know how cranky I'd be if someone were to snap my picture with nothing but a towel and shower cap on -- and then to see it up on the Internet.  I can only imagine how a bear would take it ... I imagine it wouldn't be a pretty sight.   Oh, OH!  I'm not saying that the bear wouldn't be pretty with nothing on but a towel and shower cap; I'm sure she would be quite cute ... I'm just saying it wouldn't be pretty with what she'd do to me if I betrayed her trust like that!    LOL

Don'tcha' just love it?!   ... She's a crocheted, stuffed bear and I going on & on as if she were real, with human emotions.  Oh, I do need to get some sleep!

Thanks for the suggestion, Sheila!  :)


Anonymous said...

But DEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!  C'mon!  We wanna see her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  How dare you tease us like this!!!!!!!!!      Sheila

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a towel and a shoer cap!!! Vermont bears will have nothing on yours!!! :) Penny