Sunday, June 26, 2005

"Overlay Crochet"

Sometimes a picture says a thousand words, other times more pictures relay the entire jubilee feeling. :)

My son had stayed up late Friday night helping me wind various colors into beautiful balls.  We made six in all.  White, Black, dark Pink and bright, dark green and bright.  All my colors worked well for this class except one.  Black.  I exchanged that color for purple to crochet the "Overlay" square you see me holding.

Melody was a peach; just a lovely lady breezing throughout the classroom aiding those in need.  I did pretty well on my own until the 14th row ... Melody came over and was happy to assist me.  I was the first one finished in the class so I went around checking out all the beautiful works everyone was creating -- and snapping pictures.  Then I ordered two of Melody's patterns; I can't wait until they arrive!!  

I also want to mention that spending time with the New York Crochet Guild Members is always a treat!  What a friendly & fun group!!!

After the fun workshop, Elaine, Grace and I strolled along 2nd Avenue and took advantage of the Friends of the 13th Precinct Street Fair.  I bought some souvenir T-shirts  for my kids, and a black thread (with various colored flowers & sequins) crochet poncho for myself.  (Yes, I do buy crochet -- I enjoy sponsoring other crocheters!)

It was a fantastic day to enjoy 'Overlay Crochet'!!

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VERY NICE.......................STORMIE