Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Summer Bliss

We're sitting here at the kitchen table; the sun is starting to poke out after a day of rain, breaking our heat wave.  Through the window we see two fawns and their mother peacefully grazing on the rain-kissed grass blades.  The birds are sweetly singing.  My children are happily working on a beading project.  This, to me, is summer bliss.

I, myself, have been enjoying crocheting throughout the day, typing into my pda my pattern instructions as I go.  How sweet it is!  Yes, I treated myself to a new program for it yesterday.  It allows me to type on the screen rather than writing it with the stylus, or slowly pecking the letters out.  I'm glad I splurged; thus far it's been the best $12 I've spent all week!

I was asked yesterday why I'm so interested in having a database program for my pda ... and if I'm concerned about all the information ever being wiped out.  One of the nice things about pda's in general is that they can sync up to your main PC and exchange information.  If I had a database of all the crochet books I own, it would ensure I don't purchase a duplicate -- again.  (Yes, this has happened!  Yikes!!) 

The software I have in mind would ensure when I go shopping for fiber, I know what I already have at home, how much, and what color.  It would also keep track of my WIPs (works in progress) and the hooks I have allocated to them.  It would keep track of my finished works, and where I have them stored, on display, or gifted/sold to.  It would keep track of patterns I've written, and where I've submitted them for publishing.  -- All this information and more in a tiny machine that can talk to the big machine.  I'll continue my hunt for a similar program that will work on my pda like the crochetable software that's available for palms.  Once I have it, my dreams of being organized will finally come to fruition!  (Yee-haw!!)

Am I concerned about the memory getting wiped out?  Well yes.  And no.  If I'm good, I'll have downloaded all the info into the main PC ... and if I'm bad (by not downloading all the info), well, I'll have no one to blame but myself.  Right?  I'll cross that road should I find the software I'm hunting for.  :)

I'll be teaching crochet classes for the next two days, so the chances of leaving a journal entry for Wednesday and Thursday are slim.  But you never know.  I'm pretty excited about my classes; you can see what classes are coming up by clicking on the links on the extreme top right of my journal (if you're reading this in my archives, go back to the main page to get to the links).  And you never know, I may add more pictures to my "students' triumphs" photo album!  ((grins)) 

I do enjoy finding little treasures on the Internet, and yesterday I found this one:  Click here to enjoy!  It's a photo album of someone's crochet work -- of little monsters! 

Lastly, before I head back to some more delicious crochet stitchin', I want to remind everyone that there are just TWO more days left to enter into my FREE drawing!!  If you haven't already, ENTER!!  It's for a good cause!

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