Saturday, June 11, 2005

Seeing Red

I was having a great morning; getting ready to have a great day when I decided to open one more email.  When I did, my heart sank into my stomach giving me that "sick" feeling, and raising my blood pressure due to anger.

It seems, if the email is true, that I'm in danger ... and you might be too:

Dear Dee: We are writing to inform you of a recent incident that may have exposed you to identity theft. This e-mail is intended to provide timely notification; a letter containing this information will also be sent to you via U.S. mail.

On May 31, 2005 we were alerted to a possible security breach to our website shopping cart and subsequently shutdown the e-commerce portion of our website until we could verify and fix the problem. Upon investigation, we believe a file containing order information (specifically names and credit card numbers) was compromised.


To further protect yourself, we recommend that you place a fraud alert on your credit file. A fraud alert lets creditors know to contact you before opening new accounts. Just call any one of the three credit reporting agencies at the number below. This will let you automatically place fraud alerts and order your credit report from all three.

This email letter (I only inserted parts of it) is from Interweave Press ... I am angry that there are people out there that have nothing better to do than to wreck havoc on other people -- regular "Joe's and Jane's" like us who have to work for everything we have only to have someone take it -- steal it -- away. 

Fortunately for me, if I am a victim of this, then the joke is on the thief.  My credit card I used for online purchases was already stolen a few months ago by some other bloke.  This is why I'm now a huge fan of the "one time use" credit card option.

Be aware!  If you ever ordered from the Interweave Press folks, check your credit history to ensure you're not a victim too!

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