Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Update: Sticking to my Fiber Diet

Alright -- so I blew it today!  I should have known that I'd jinx myself if I let the cat out of the bag (about my fiber diet) ... and ended up adopting some pretty beauties this afternoon when I was finished teaching at the ever-wonderful store called Knit Together.

Really, though, I have a plan for them!  I'm teaching a class on Introductory Free Form and decided that I'd make a Bridal Money Purse with this technique.  The yarns I purchased today were all white ... and next week I swear, well I won't swear, but I will try to behave and only purchase a button to pull the purse together in a stunning way.

Geesh!  Who knew that sticking to such a diet would be so tough?  How on Earth did I survive going on this diet last year????

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