Monday, May 24, 2004

Fifty New Students...

I had voluntary Lunch Duty patrolling the First Graders today.  As I walked around ensuring "all four on the floor" (legs of chairs not tipping into the air) and that everyone had catsup, I worked on one of the caps for cancer (the pattern is almost ready to post).  The kids asked  who the hat was for, and if I would teach them, and I said, "Yes.  When you're eight, come see me."  

Afterwards, when my time was up, I started to walk back to my vehicle to leave when I heard kids voices coming from the other side of the building.  I walked over and found it was my son's class, the Kindergartners, out on recess.  Still crocheting, I walked over and offered to assist.  The kids became engrossed with the hat I was making and asked a million questions.  They asked if I would teach them, and I said, "Yes.  When you're eight, come see me."  The other Mom's asked if I could come more often as this was the tamest they've ever seen 30 children all at once on a playground. 

I was thrilled that they were so curious.   I finished the hat and the kids each asked if they could have a sample of my yarn -- it was so soft.  Homespun.  How much more deliciously soft can you get?  ...And they were happy.  Many said they couldn't wait until they were eight.   It was fun to explain the crochet art to all of these kids, and about what I was doing.  Who knows, perhaps in two to three years I'll have fifty new crochet students...

Disclaimer:  I could have advised the kids that they can learn at a younger age, but eight is the youngest age the stores I teach at will take them -- if they're seriously interested, I won't turn them away. :)

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