Thursday, May 20, 2004

Types of Crochet / Anniversary

I've spent a good portion of the day updating one of my webpages with more different types of crochet, and now have the count up to 68.   I'm waiting to get two more types confirmed -- that would bring it up to 70.   Whew!!

As far as I know, it's the only webpage on the Internet that has such a collection (I've been searching, and haven't found others like mine yet).  My goal is to see if there are 100 different types/techniques of crochet -- not just stitch variations.

I also found some fun dictionary terms that were Crochet related, so I created a new webpage to house those, and then found two great references (patterns) to add to it.  I can't wait to find more of these little word treasures!  :)

The other good news is that today is my dh's and my anniversary.  Seventeen fantastic years!   He brought me white roses, and a new PC which he's still in the process of hooking up for me (I'm guessing that he wants his laptop back).  I gave him a promise -- we'll be going out to shop for a new cellphone for him.   Ah, the gift of communication; the backbone of a great relationship!!

The day we were married I gave him a set of wireless walkie talkies and told him that I hope that our line of communication is always open.   And it has been.   (getting too gushy, huh?)  Well, if one were to compare our relationship to crocheting, we'd be two chains in a link with a great foundation!   <<grins>>


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