Sunday, May 9, 2004

Mother's Day

Mother's Day!

A day to celebrate all that is wonderful and fulfilling, and to relish in every moment children bestow the honor of celebrating this day to.

Now if we roll those family videos, especially at my home, we'll see happy gurgling babies, totting toddlers, and energetic children quick with the smile -- and in the background, some sort of hint of crochet in progress.   The two, children and crochet, seemingly go hand-in-hand.

I've been inspired to crochet for my children.   At first, little blankets that went from cradle to car seat, to sweaters, belts, hair "ribbons" and scrunchies, ponchos, treasure bags (pattern is on my website), and now another "blankie". 

My children have also inspired me to crochet for other children -- a special comfort pillow afghan for a terminally ill child; children going to the Salvation Army in need of hats, mittens, and scarves; children sheltered at a battered woman's shelter; and for the wee'ist of babes, preemies, who fight for their very lives.

With this in mind, I intend to lift no finger today -- unless it's for giving hugs, pats on the back, gentle hair tossing, or for tension with my crochet.   Perhaps one of those giggles & smiles will inspire me even more as I crochet from the heart.

Happy Mother's Day!


UPDATE 5/10/04:  Yesterday my children presented me with gifts, and what touched me deeply were the handmade cards they both worked so hard on, with the skeins of yarn they each insisted Daddy help them get. 

My daughter picked out a funky yarn called Patons "Twister" (which I mixed with Berroco's "Lazer FX" sequins and quickly worked up a fun scarf) because she said, "The colors looked like a party, and all Mothers should be celebrated."  My son picked out Bernat's "Baby Coordinates" so I can make a baby blanket for a baby in need.  They're so thoughtful.  There are days that I wish there was a time machine so I can stop them from growing so quickly so we can cherrish all of the wonderful & special moments even longer.  I hope your Mother's Day was just as touching.  :)

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