Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Sticking to my Fiber Diet

Last year I went on a fiber diet and it worked out well, so unofficially, I started this year's fiber diet last month and I seemingly am doing good sticking to it.  OK, that's not entirely true.  But I am trying to stick to it.

I "lost" about five pounds and gained 25 hats so far.  Not bad if I do say so myself.

Oh, let me explain.  My fiber diet has nothing to do with losing weight, it has to do with controling my Yarn Acquisition Syndrome.  I've written in my journal here before about how yarn leaps into my arms, and leaps into my cart all screaming "take me home with you" and the difficulties of just saying "No!" ... well, since I plan on attending the CGOA National Conference in July, this means that I need to make room for all the new adopties that will come home with me from this fantastic event.  My fiber diet also helps me put a few dollars in the bank so I can afford to bring those new fibers home too!

So I actually started the fiber diet arount the time my son got pretty sick (he's much better now, Thank You!), and I'm making pretty good headway.  Along with the hats I've also made about 10 preemie blankets that will be donated this summer.  I'm hoping to make more in the weeks to come before the deadline.

My ultimate goal here is to lose about 20 pounds (in yarn) and see how much I can create for charity before National Charity Week in August.  :)

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