Sunday, May 23, 2004

Caps for Cancer (Pattern nearly Ready)

I'm very frustrated this evening ... after spending a day trying to create a new page with my pattern for Caps for Cancer, I've about had it with the new DSL connection!  ARG!!!  I just want to scream!!

Plus, to add to it, I'm trying to learn how to get to my old files on my old hard drive -- they're there, it's just that the new hard drive doesn't want to recognize the programs and that means I'll have to reinstall them all.  More Arg!!  (All this for an image to add to the pattern page?  Life has to be easier than this!)

Yes, I'm frustrated, (sigh) but I know this pattern will do people, with much bigger concerns, a lot of good.  So I'll go back & plug along until the job is done.  :)

One thing I have done this evening to resolve the logging off issue is that I went back to dial-up and this is giving me a more stable connection to AOL and the Internet.  (Lord help the phone rep I call tomorrow!! -- may I get enough crocheting in tonight to keep me from becoming a beast tomorrow!!)

I did amaze myself today ... in the interm of many times trying to work on my website I had apparently left off Sally Kirkland from my Famous Crocheters list -- so now she's there.  The list is growing!!  (yea!)


I'm crossing my fingers that I'll have the pattern up in the next few days.  Now, where is my crochet hook....?

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