Saturday, May 22, 2004

OMG! (CGOA Conference)

Normally I don't get excited when I receive bills in the mail, but today is different.  I saw that the full amount for the events & classes I registered for the CGOA Conference in NH was applied to this month's Discover bill.  This must mean that getting the official confirmation from the CGOA can't be far behind! 

I registered for

  • Noreen Crone-Findlay's "Freeform Crochet Dolls"
  • Nancy Wiseman's "Crochet with Wire & Beads Bracelet"
  • Prudence Mapstone's "Bodacious Block Stitch"
  • Kathleen Power Johnson's (gasp!) "Simple Knitting for Complicated Crocheters"
  • Tosca Mark's "Fiber Savvy" and "Tambour Crochet"
  • I can't wait!!! :)

    Plus, to add to my excitement, it turns out that Kathleen Power Johnson visit's the Stamford area every so often, and knows the store I'm teaching at.  I invited her to stop in sometime so I can introduce her to the owners who are just fabulous!  (

    I went to AOL keyword "Journals" a little while ago and read where other Journal owners like to end their entries with a question, so I thought I'd do the same today ... and I'll provide a link so you can find the answer too ...

    Interested in learning about past CGOA Conferences and it's history?  Then visit the webpage -- the first CGOA Conference I attended was last year's and it was awesome!!  :)


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