Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Famous Crocheters

While awaiting for my afternoon crochet students to arrive this afternoon, I decided to leaf through the book called Celebrity Scarves, which is a book about exactly what the title states -- Celebrities and Scarves. Most of the scarves are knitted, but there was one that was Crocheted and this lead to the discovery of another famous crocheter to add to my growing list featured on my website.

I don't know why it's difficult to find famous crocheters, but when I do, and it's documented in some way, I add them to the list. Do you have one for me to add too?

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Anonymous said...

Hi There,

I found you because I was looking for crocheters in J-Land.  I also used to crochet a lot and I plan to get back into that.  Who is the other celebrity crocheter other than Vanna White?  I am just curious.

You will find samples of a few of my squares at


You are way ahead of me.

Can I put you under "Other Journals"

God Bless,