Monday, June 15, 2009


I think many of us crocheters were born to be flirters, don't you?

The word flirt has an unknown origin, but first appeared in use somewhere around 1580; this is based upon the Merriam-Webster dictionary. It means to come close to or to reach towards with interest.

And this is how I am ... one who tends to come close [in finishing a crochet project] when I suddenly decide I want to reach towards something new, perhaps even, dare I say?, dangerous![such starting a new project]. I'm like a moth to a flame, baby! LOL

No matter how hard I fight the flirting urge, eventually I can't help myself and succumb. And for that I'm blaming my DNA.

And so, it has happened again. There I was yesterday, perfectly content on working on my Cotton Candy project. I am so close to finishing it I can taste it! When wham-o! At our HHCC monthly meeting yesterday Nancy shows me some antique pattern books in the HHCC's library when I see these -- I instantly want to crochet up a pair. They're called, "Flirtation Walk" Sandals. They're just so cute; with or without the little yarn dolls on them!

When I returned home from the meeting I immediately went to my stash and pulled out three balls of soft merino yarn to start the new project in the colors of black, white and plum. Then I looked at the pattern and realised there is no sizing information or gauge provided. In those days crocheters were mind readers; they knew what hook to use, and what the gauge was merely by placing the pattern book up to their foreheads. Or so I'm guessing that's how they did it.

Maybe it's best I return to my Cotton Candy project and finish it. You know, rather than flirting with possible disaster?


Lauria said...

Finish the cotton candy, THEN start on the flirtation sandels. You're a designer, you don't have to be a mind reader! ;) Do a gauge swatch in the pattern, take out your calculator and see if it will likely fit your foot! You can do it. :) said...

You're right, Lauria, I should finish Cotton Candy first. And I could figure out the antique sandal pattern ... I think I was looking for some quick, mindless fun (without the need for designing). Mary Beth calls it "Chimp Work" in her new book, Hooked for Life. LOL

Thanks for visiting! :)

Anonymous said...

Those sandals are flirting with me! They look like a great candidate for updating. They appear to be made with three half-circle motifs (or half-grannies?). What possibilities -- and what fun swatching! I think you should go ahead and swatch and and see what size motif fits your foot (just do more rows...). Then if you go back to the Cotton Candy, the ideas for the sandals can percolate in your mind. I'd love to see what you do with this pattern.