Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I've watched enough police TV drama shows to know what a hijacking is, so I'm fairly certain the following is an accurate description:

This morning I was sitting at my local Borders bookstore for our 2nd monthly morning session known as "Coffee, Crochet & Chat." I was well behaved, drinking green tea (sticking to my one-cup-of-coffee-a-day-diet), chatting with the ladies, and working on "Cotton Candy" when the hijacking took place.

We were sitting in the lounge area, I in the seat closest to the emergency exit. Ruth to my left, Kathy to her left, Judy to her left, and so on. We were all busy crocheting, catching up, discussing things like Jack's recent visit to Danbury...

I was just finishing up a row when a woman three tables away shouted, "Hey, HOLD THAT UP!" To me, it sounded kinda like "Hey, it's a hold up!," but then she shouted again and I knew I had heard her wrong. Maybe it was because of the repetitive whistling ... but that's another story. I didn't pay much mind because it's not often people yell at (or about) me. As far as I knew, she could have been yelling at someone to hold a book up so she can see the title...

Kathy nudged Ruth and Ruth nudged me. "She's talking to you," Ruth said.

Wha? Startled, I looked up. By now the woman who had shouted was standing over me. "Give me your work, give me the hook, and the thread too!" she demanded as she took my work from my hands and began to walk away.

I wanted to protest. I was in shock. What was going on? OMG! What is wrong with me? I just let that woman -- who I did NOT know -- take my crochet away without even so much as a whimper! They say you won't know if you'll be one to "take flight or fight" in such a situation until it happens. I didn't do either; I was more of a deer in headlights ... frozen.

Kathy smiled and said my crochet work had just been hijacked, and that is a lovely compliment on my work!

Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion. Hijacked? I swallowed hard, and looked towards the woman.

Fortunately the woman didn't go far. She was showing my work off to her friends. Within moments she returned with it, unharmed. "We're knitters," she said, "and we've never seen crochet so beautiful! Thank you for letting me show your project to them."

Wow!! With compliments like that, I guess having my WIP (work in progress) hijacked for a few moments was worth it. ((grins))


Puglette said...

wow, i am amazed at what people will do and the liberties they take with a stranger. i would think as a knitter she would know not to man handle someone's yarn and project!
thanks for sharing!

A Lovely Thing said...

OMG. I would've tackled her by the espresso machine!

Sara said...

LOL People amaze me! It is a huge compliment to be hijacked. Pretty sure though I'd be latched pretty tight to my crochet if someone grabs it. ;) Cute story!