Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Where is your crochet?!"

Yesterday was the last day of school for my children. It was a day to sit in the audience and watch our children accept their hard-earned awards and think thoughts not of rain, but of fun in the sun.

At the end, parents gathered and started discussing with each other what they will be doing with their families over the summer break. That's when it happened. Several parents stopped talking and looked at my hands. Wha? I wasn't drinking an illegal 2nd cup of coffee (although I wanted to!) ... then the comments started flying! "Dee, are you alright?" "Feeling OK?" "Where is your crochet?!"

You know, it is not often that I leave my crochet at home, but yesterday I did. There were some other parents that usually sit in the same row with me, and together we would crochet or knit quietly while listening. But not yesterday. It seems we all left our projects at home. That was weird. I wonder, was the moon full?


Marlene said...

Hi Dee, I can listen more intently and concentrate better when i AM cro'ing. BUT, is it rude to crochet at a meeting? said...

Hi Marlene,
while I am no "Ms. Manners," I do believe it is OK to crochet (or knit) at meetings -- as long as you're not disrupting anyone. If people can text-message and doodle, then certainly crocheting (or knitting) is much more productive of idle hands. And, IMHO, way better than reaching for the donuts in the middle of the table.

Just be sure your project is small, and easy to put away. Working on a project for charity makes it even better.

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