Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sneak Peek: Cotton Candy

Have you ever had that feeling like you have a pit in your stomach? For me, it's been that way nearly all week ... since returning home from the Museum of Natural History on Monday. (Yes, the same museum the 2006 movie is featured in.) At first I thought it was a severe case of motion sickness (I'm not one who can crochet or read while in a moving vehicle). But it was more than that -- it was a stomach virus (compliments of NYC or the entire 6th grade class, I'm not sure)! Yuk!

While I did my best to keep up with the kids (marathon week @ their school as the last day is quickly approaching) and with work (creating a new website for someone), the rest of the time I've been recuperating.

I'm feeling a little better today and have been trying to catch up with my emails, and even do a little crocheting. But, before I could crochet today I got that "pit in the stomach" feeling again -- but this time because I was panicked! I couldn't find my "Cotton Candy" project I've been mentioning! At first I thought I left it in the Museum as I had worked on it there (I love to crochet in public!), then I thought perhaps I left it on the coach bus ... and I had Mini~Dee searching every inch inside my vehicle to no avail. Cotton Candy was missing!

Then it dawned on me, I've been sick! ... I looked on my night stand and there is was! Whew! (Sometimes it is so difficult to see the obvious! LOL)

Every sequin you see there had to have the hole hand-punched, and every sequin was placed on, one stitch at a time; a real labor of love! The project is not done yet, but I thought since I was MIA for a week, a sneak peek should make for a good bribe to my readers. At least I hope so.

Can you guess who made the crochet hook?

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