Friday, February 13, 2009

Uh Oh!

After today, Mr. Dee will be home more often. He is joining the many, many thousands of other Americans laid off from their jobs. He was with his employer for 18 years. And while there are many emotions that come with this news, I will do my best not to rant. However, I will not rule out hanging up a picture of what has happened to the American division, nor will I rule out darting my knitting needles at the CEO's picture. ((just how does one go about sharpening knitting needle points anyway???))

Mr. Dee, home. With me. All day.


Don't get me wrong; Mr. Dee is an awesome guy! I love spending time with him! And he happens to be my biggest supporter with my crochet adventures. But I wonder: will he still love me once he REALLY sees how much yarn I have stashed?

The first thing I need to do is have a plan of action! I recall Lily Chin has a Top 10 list for hiding yarn ... ((you can read it here, scroll about 1/2 down) ... perhaps along with her ideas I can also build a false wall with the children's legos ... would he notice?

Mr. Dee, home. With me. All day.

Maybe he'll embrace the warmth from my yarn stash and finally learn how to crochet?

Readers, I wonder. Just how creative have you gotten in hiding your yarn stash?


Jennifer Cirka said...

(((HUGS!))) This is such a hard time for so many!! I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers!

And if you need to hide some of that stash, I have a big room just for that purpose!! LOL!! YOu can send it my way!

Sandie said...

Dee, so sorry to hear of Mr. Dee's misfortune. If you need to get rid of any of that stash I know there are may of us who would sacrifice to relieve you of it. LOLOLOL Mr. Dee might decide to help you use it up. He could open his own Etsy shop focusing on guy stuff.

Jimbo said...

Send'em over. I have an extra lathe....

Hope you have a great Valentine Day in spite of it all!


Ann said...

Oooh, scary. Good luck.
Does he do laundry? Maybe hide the yarn in the washing machine?

Sharon said...

I'm so sorry, Dee! Perhaps this is the "push" you both need to open a new door into something exciting and new!

Take care,

A Musician by Grace

Sheila said...

I cannot express in words how truly sorry I am that the nationwide layoffs have affected you, Dee. I hope and pray that this situation is only temporary and not too much of a hardship.

As for your question on hiding the stash, I'm fortunate enough that no one seems to care, although when I told my mother the other day that I needed to get some more yarn for this shawl, she asked, "Why not use what you've got?" I had to explain that I didn't have enough of the one type or color to finish the piece.