Thursday, February 5, 2009

Presidential Crochet Connections

For not knowing the true age of crochet, crochet does seem to have a lot of connections to people in history. Let's look to the American Presidents. How many can you name that has something associated with crochet?

First, lets look to our new President -- did you see what his mother-in-law was wearing during his Inauguration? Yeah, crochet! (I wrote to the White House requesting more information but have yet to hear anything. I think it would be wonderful if she crocheted the set herself!) That totally rocked seeing crochet upfront and center like that!

And, with our new President, there has been more focus on President Abraham Lincoln. Where is the crochet tie-in? If memory serves me correctly, I saw/read/heard something that his wife, Mary, was a crocheter ... I'm just waiting to confirm this before adding her to my list of Famous Crocheters.

Have there been other Presidential Crochet Connections? Yes!

  • Edith Wilson. She was considered the "first US woman president" for running our country for six months after her husband, President Woodrow Wilson, had a stroke!
  • And, there is James Buchannan. He was our 15th President -- the only to never marry -- who loved to crochet.
  • What about Ronald Reagan? He wasn't a crocheter, but he did appear in a movie with an actress who could! ... that would be with actress Ann Sheridan in the movie Kings Row
...And speaking of Famous Crocheters ... you all know about George Washington Carver, right? He wasn't a President, but he was named after one. Check out this nice write-up on AnniesAttic:

And, finally, did you know I have a connection to George Washington Carver? Yep! I attended 6th grade at George Washington Carver Elementry School located in Jacksonville, Florida, AND I was already crocheting at that time! Does that count? :)

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Sheila said...

I always love your bits and pieces of trivia!!!! (honest! I'm a trivia nut)