Monday, September 1, 2008

Fifth Annual "60 Scarves in 60 Days" Challenge Kickoff!

It's that time of season again!  The nights are getting cooler, tree leaves are starting to turn color, and there's a hurricane (Gustav) that will most likely cause a ruckus with the cost of gas and heating fuel straining even more family budgets!  What this means is it is time to look to our local communities and see where we can help someone in need by crocheting or knitting a scarf!

Want to participate?  Here's how:

  1. Crochet or knit a scarf (or more) for charity. You can use a pattern (give credit to the designer if that’s what the pattern calls for!), learn a new stitch, or create your own pattern.
  2. Pledge it for a local charity near YOU; no need to ship! Check with your local homeless shelters, Salvation Armys, religious institutions, and schools to find a home for your scarf/scarves.
  3. To have your scarf count towards the goal, let me know by
    A. leaving a comment here on my blog. .. don't forget, if you're a blogger, post about it on your blog and give us the link!
    B. sending me an email with your count
    C.uploading an image on Ravelry, labeling it ”2008 Scarf for 60 Day Challenge.” 
  4. The scarf/scarves must be created by hand between September 1st and November 31st, 2008, midnight, eastern time, to count.   (That's right, we actually increased the days to 90 so more scarves can be created this year, but we're going to keep the challenge title the same since it's kinda catchy, easy to remember.)
  5. Any skill level, age and gender can participate! Spread the word!  If you're on ravelry, join the discussion here:  As of this blog post, there are 49 people already there, ready to take this challenge on! 
  6. If you have a website or blog, feel free to save the 2008 challenge image in the upper right to your own computer and then display it on your site proudly!

This Challenge is a great stash buster AND does YOUR local community good!


Anonymous said...

I'm in!

By the way, if anyone's looking for some quick and easy scarf patterns, I have 2 free ones available through is in the blog post. :)

Tracie Barrett
Fibers By Tracie

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee, it's Scarlet over at the Yarn Barn. I wanted to let you know that I will be participating again this year. I have made 4 scarves over this past weekend and will try and get a few more done before the time limit passes. I dedicated my free time this weekend to the scarves.
Also if you know some place that could use them please let me know so I can send them along. So count me for 4 now and maybe more later. I will do a blog post with pictures of the scarves and a link to your site.


Anonymous said...

I'm in again - I even posted it on my Monday blog


Anonymous said...

I forgot to leave you my url. What was I thinking? Here it is, Hope to see you come for a visit.

Have a wonderful day!!


Anonymous said...

I would like to join this event.  This will be a first time for me.  I am gonna challenge myself and  plan on making 3 to four scarves.  They will be going to the special olympics.  I will be placing a your button onto my blog,

thanks for this..

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee, just cruising blogs and catching up.  Add me to the list of participants for the challenge!!!!  Whew!  Good thing Sherri also mentioned it in her journal because I'd completely forgotten about it with everything going on in my life.

Love and hugs,

Anonymous said...

Hi Dee,
Valarie from Chino Valley, AZ!!
Want to add my name to your list for 60 scarfs in 60 days, can't seem to get into sending you the info of what I have done thus far.
       2 complete sets of hat, scarf and mittens
 and working on another set as we "speak"
Just want some representation from the other side of the country for your program. :)
Love and Peace, Valarie

Jus Shar Designs said...

Are you kidding me....I'm SO doing this. :-)