Monday, September 22, 2008

Deliciously Spoiled

Remember this project?  I found the pattern in a German magazine called "ONLine" back in February but didn't work it up until June, taking nearly three weeks to finish. 

The pattern is called "Model 13" in the ONline Stricktrends 14, Frühjahr-Sommer/Spring-Summer 2007 issue.  (for those interested in googling it.)

In one of the groups I participate in on the Ravelry website, a few months ago we were discussing our favorite crochet magazines and I mentioned this one.  (For the record, ONLine magazine is a bi-textural magazine featuring crochet and knit patterns.)  From time to time I would go to the ONLine website and dream about getting more issues.  Dream I say because finding them here in the US has proven to be very difficult.
Why not order them directly from the ONLine website?  Good question!  Because shipping the magazine to the United States (just shipping mind you) was over $50!  For a magazine. Their policy is to use an overnight carrier rather than postal service.  Fifty dollars for shipping, I don't think so.  So dreaming and wishing continued.  As did our conversation on Ravelry.

Then one day I received a private message with an offer too good to pass up.  Now I'm the proud owner of not one, not three (I found two issues on clearance at WEBs), but SIX issues -- and every issue is delicious, packed with inspiration!!!  The interesting thing about my magazines is that those I purchased here in the States have the directions in English, and the magazines direct from Germany are in -- you guessed it -- German!*  How cool is that?!!!  Thank you Hilary!!!  :)

* No, I do not speak/read German, however, this adds to my collection of "crochet patterns from around the world" where I have patterns from Japan, France and Russia.


Anonymous said...

This looks like a great project, was it that difficult that it took you 3 weeks to do? Any chance on getting that pattern??
Oh, are we still doing 60 scarfs in 60 days, I have done some scarfs, mitten, and hats that I wanted to add to the list.

Anonymous said...

Hi Valarie,
Yes, it really took me three weeks to complete.  Why? Because the pattern wasn't tailor made for me (I have curves) and I had to make adjustments as I went.  What didn't help, was that I suffered from "one more stitch" syndrome, crocheting into the wee hours of the morning.  When I would awake and check out my prior night's progress I would determine that when one is that tired they should put down the hook and get some rest!  And then I'd get "one more stitch" syndrome and repeat the process again and again.  LOL  To be fair, I was also working on preparing materials for the CGOA Conference, so that also ate into a lot of time I could have worked on it.  In reality, condensing time, it would have taken a few days to complete.

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