Friday, September 5, 2008


Last night I attended my children's Open House session at their school.  While waiting for all the other parents to arrive, I decided to sit in the back row, take out my crochet project and set to working on my third Doris Chan "All Shawl."  (This shawl I'm using a beautiful sock yarn of wool/bamboo/nylon.  The color is variegated, almost coral in color, and it is working up not just lacy, but also very soft to the touch.)  This shawl will be donated to the school for their upcoming fund raiser and I thought it would be appropriate to work on it while at the school to start a little pre-bidding hype.  {VBG}

As I worked on the shawl many of the parents I hadn't seen over the summer break approached me and commented on my work.  Many also couldn't resist the urge to give the stitches a little pet, commenting on how wonderful it felt.  Before I knew it there was a small group of parents surrounding me, discussing my work.

"Dee crochets in her sleep.  You could crochet in your sleep if you wanted to, right Dee?"

"Dee is so talented, she can do anything with that hook!  I bet she could even recreate the top my daughter is wearing tonight!"  (see photo on right)

"I never see Dee without a hook in her hand.  It's like her own personal magic wand!  It's amazing all the stuff she makes!"

Maybe I should hire them to do PR for me!  (lol) 


Anonymous said...

Yep, those comments sound about right!  [VBG]

Anonymous said...

Oh, you mean the same way I should hire Dee to do MY PR?  :D

I guess we now know the answer to the question, "Who cheers for the cheerleader?"

It's a warm fuzzy when you get such nice attention.  Crochet has truly come into its own out in the world.  Hey, there was a time when people would have asked, "What are you knitting?".