Tuesday, September 16, 2008

On the Crochet Radar

When you are out and about in your daily life routine(s), do you find your crochet radar going off like mine?  Do you get excited while standing in the check out line that the customer in front of you is wearing crochet?  And if so, do you secretly study the stitch construction, the color combination?  Do you tap them on the shoulder to inquire about it?

What about when you visit your local library?  Do you check out what is in the display cabinets?  Do you visit your local historical society from time to time to see what local treasures they might have?  Do you take pictures of crochet you see in store fronts as well as inside?

I do!  LOL

And so today I want to share some photographs I've taken around town: at my local library, at my local department stores, at a local fair ...  I find it fun to see where I'll have my next local crochet sighting.  How about you?  :)


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Anonymous said...

My favorite is to frequent antique shows!  There are often may treasures to see and sometimes if you're lucky to rescue!  I recently found a crochet table topper and a linen hankie with extremely intricate tatted trim.  I "rescued" them from the seller who was unaware that the latter was tatted - "my grandma did that kind of stuff".  So for a mere $5 both are now my treasures.  I am planning to bring them to the Crochet Friends meeting next Monday - maybe I'll get to show them to you.