Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lights Out!

Last night we participated in "Earth Hour," turning off lights and unplugging appliances.  Afterwards, I resumed my crocheting, working on various projects for the upcoming ConferenceAs I crocheted along, I focused my thoughts on the upcoming Crochet Exchange.  What could I make?  I started thinking about using an antique pattern with a modern fiber.   Of course I haven't figured out which pattern & fiber yet, but it did remind me that Sheila had asked a few days back if my "new" 1916 crochet/tatting booklet has any "major differences in patterns back then from how they are today, other than style?" 

In flipping through the book and reading some of the patterns, I would say no.  The abbreviations are pretty much the same that we use today.  However, I did find one stitch that I thought would be new to me: The Hailstone Stitch, the abbreviation being H S st.  There are no pictures of it in the booklet so the crocheter had to go entirely by the written directions. 

So, because there was no picture to show me what the Hailstone Stitch looked like, I decided to work up a small sample, and upon following the instructions, it occurred to me ... a real illumination moment!  ... that I do indeed know this stitch!  This is the same stitch we know as The Love(er's) Knot, and Solomon's Knot.  So, no, the stitch was not new to me ... just the name was. 

If you'd like to learn how to create this stitch, Sandy over at has a great tutorial "how to."  If you are more of a visual learner, then you'll want to hop on over to NexStitch were they offer a free video clip you can watch right on your PC.  One thing for certain is that, with this stitch, I was inspired with a possible pattern idea for the Gift Exchange!  :) 

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