Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Question from Reader: Book Recommendation?

Dear Dee,
I'm with Sandie, I wish I lived closer to you!  I enjoy reading your blog, and really enjoyed reading your latest entry about the tatting.  Can you recommend a good book to get me started?

Thanks so much, Betty B.

Hi Betty,
Oh, if only the world were smaller!! There are many times I too wish I lived elsewhere so I could meet other crochet/fiber lovers!  There are so many wonderful fiber related events going on and it's just impossible, due to time, money, and sheer distance for me to zip around the world to attend them all.  Maybe one day modern technology will catch up to science fiction by creating transporters (as seen in the Star Trek TV series) working -- then we'll be able to go where ever, whenever! {VBG}

Personally, no, I don't have a book I can recommend on shuttle tatting -- yet!  tatting created with macrame cordingHowever, our instructor on Sunday strongly recommended the book pictured here on the right.    I have it on my current wish list of books to acquire, but at an OOP (out of print) price tag starting at $103, I'm willing to wait.  (The picture on the left is another one of the instructors pieces she had on display.) 

At the workshop we were given (legal) copies of "How to Tat; Understanding the Double Stitch" by Mark Myers.  You can purchase instructions from him at www.tat-man.net/tatting.html.

I hope this helps,

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