Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Fate Doesn't Like to be Tempted

It seems as if fate has caught up to me.  I was so proud of escaping the germs my family had tried to share with me, such as the flu in December, the stomach virus in January, the head cold in February -- I was on a roll!!  So proud, so proud and healthy indeed!  It was to have been the first winter in a long, long time that I would be totally germ free!  ... and I was shamefully boasting about this!  In retrospect, I should have waited on the boasting.

With Spring just days away, Old Man Winter said it wasn't to be; I would not have a total germ-free winter.  So it's official.  I've been "germified big time!" to quote my children.  I'll be back when I'm feeling better.

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