Monday, July 9, 2007

We're Here!

We arrived in New Hampshire earlier this afternoon.  It was quite a lot of fun to watch people passing us on the highway while smerking our way.  I'm sure many of them were questioning why a vehicle from Connecticut was hauling a large branch from a maple tree to some unknown destination!  LOL

The branch will be used for part of the International Freeform Group's display that will be in the Vendors Market.  They'll be hanging a variety of freeform ornaments from it, so for now, the branch will reside in our hotel room.

Prudence Mapstone, renown for her freeform works and books, jokingly mentioned that perhaps my family enjoys having trees in our hotel rooms -- a reference to last years "Beach Theme" room we stayed in while we were in Pennsylvania.  Many giggles over that!!  (Of course we're wondering what our housekeeper will think when they see this huge leafy "guest" in our room!  LOL)

So, tomorrow more people will be arriving, mostly those that will be attending the CGOA's Professional Day on Wednesday (myself included!).  Thursday will be the official kick-off of the Conference.  It will be fun hooking up with old fiber friends and meeting new ones. Tags: ,

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