Thursday, July 5, 2007

Bagging Today

Things are not going well today:
1. During one of the thunder storms we experienced here in Connecticut today, AOL decided to delete some 600 of my emails!  If you've emailed me for help in the past week, please resend it! 

2.  I have not been able to locate that missing skein of yarn I mentioned on Tuesday; I figure it's either in the school library (fat chance of getting it before September); or I dropped it during one of our Coffee, Crochet & Chat sessions @ Borders; or it's at one of the parks, or any other of the gazillion places I toted the project to in the last month -- aka I'll never see it again.  This means the project won't be ready in time for the conference.  {{UGH!}}

3. The laptop died again.  This close to the Conference I really don't know if Mr. Dee can pull another miracle out of his hat.  If he can't then day-by-day updates will be sparse and without pictures.  Can you, my readers, do without pictures from the Conference?  If Mr. Dee can get it running again, then it just reconfirms what I've been saying for years -- he's awesome!  Then again, if he can't get it running again, I think he's still an awesome guy just for trying!  Please cross your hooks & stitches he can!

4. There are other stress factors, but rather than bore you with the gory non-crochet related details, I thought I'd mention that due to problem #2 I decided to work up a Doris Chan pattern -- the stitches I did yesterday are beautiful, well worth admiring!  But the work I did today {{shaking head}} sadly shows my stress -- talk about tight!  Yikes!! I should have gone NO WHERE NEAR a crochet hook today!!

So I did what anyone feeling the stress should do: I took out my scissors, a pattern book from the 1900s, some "antique" paper and worked it out! ((serenity now; serenity now))

The results?  A "one-of-a-kind" gift bag to hold the goodies I'll be giving at the Crochet Exchange!!  I wonder what the receiver will think of it?   :)

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Anonymous said...

Dee, If your hubby cannot fix the laptop-please come to our room and use mine- I am rooming with wonderful Christy McMahon-of "Bumbles" fame and two other friends -- Tina -from the great state of Maine-and my traveling buddy-Saundra-born right here in Houston, TX.We will be at the Radisson. Again- if you need a computer- come see us.

Carole Fitzgerald